Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Parts of a Cover Letter

parts of cover letter
sections of cover letter
Wondering what to be included in the cover letter for resume? Here is what I can tell you from my side about it. A cover letter basically includes of the following sections:

1]Your contact information:
Your contact details including your name, address, e-mail id and contact number.

Note: If you sending the job application via e-mail, include your contact details in signature.

2]Employer's Address:
If you know the employer or the HR you are sending the job application to, then include this section. If you do not know the details, do not even give it a try by mentioning wrong details. Mention the designation of the person and name of the company.

Greet the person by his name if you know; that creates a good impression. Use words like “respected”, “dear”: dear Hiring Manager or Respected Mr. Jones.

4]Cover Letter Body:
 a]First Paragraph: Tell the employer who you are, your details and why are you writing the letter.
b]Second Paragraph: Give details about how your skills and abilities match the job position's and company's requirements. Prove how you are the perfect candidate the company is looking for.
c]Third Paragraph: Thank the employer. Ask for interview. Give details about how he can contact you.

If you have attached or enclosed documents with the cover letter like resume, CV, experience certificate, etc, then mention that asking the reader to take a look.