Monday, October 27, 2014

How to Write a Veterinary Technician Cover Letter

Veterinary technicians perform a range of activities at clinics, hospitals, and research laboratories. They handle administrative duties and basic clinical tasks such as taking vital signs, controlling infection, and changing bandages, including feeding and grooming animal patients, and cleaning cages. If you have the experience to work in this position, then you will need a cover letter that can show you as a suitable candidate for the job. If applying, it is suggested that you follow these veterinary technician cover letter tips.

Create a special cover letter:

While taking inspiration is not a sin, copying is indeed. There are hundreds of cover letter samples on the internet that may be tempting to use. Do not get carried away for copying, and draft a unique cover letter. Let your own writing style flow through the document. Believe it, reading something new and unique will certainly attract the hiring manager. He or see will feel that you are not someone who just walks on the line drawn by others and have the daring to try new things.

And writing one isn't that hard as you may feel. In the first paragraph, all you have to do is tell about yourself, provide a reason for writing, mention where you heard about the position, and add one or two skills that is/are essential for the job.

A short and precise cover letter is more effective than a lengthy one:

Many candidates are of the notion that the more they write about themselves, they can win the attention of the readers. What they lack in understanding is that the hiring managers do not have time to go through a lengthy cover letter. They just glance it once and keep it aside such letters. Therefore, write a short and precise cover letter to save time for yourself and the readers. Follow this practice as well when writing a resume.

Use the second paragraph of the cover letter to describe your academic training and professional experience. Only include those things that match with the job. Let the employers know how your skills and training would help in performing the job.

Show interest in the clinic, hospital or lab you are applying for the job:

Just like you need to develop readers' interest in your profile, the employers want to know if you are excited to work with them. Research before writing, and talk about the facility. Try to know why they want to hire for the available position.

Use your findings about the facility in the third paragraph. Tell them how their work for animal patients impressed you in joining them. And how and what you want to add by applying your skills and education.


The last and concluding paragraph is one where you tell them when you are going to call back as a follow up, and thank them for their time.

The most you put in your personal thoughts in the cover letter, the chances of impressing hiring personnel are higher. Let them feel that they are reading for the first time whatever you have written.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Database Administrator Cover Letter Template

Almost every company needs a database administrator to manage its customers' records, shipping, billing, accounting, and CRM information. To execute these duties, you must have a good hand on different types of database software. To show yourself as a strong contender for the job, a database administrator cover letter is of importance for which you will need a professional cover letter template.

Database Administrator Cover Letter Template

Contact Information:

The information about who you are and where do you live has to go first. It gives the readers a clear picture of who has sent the letter.

Sender's Name
City, Zip Code
Email ID

Date: (MM/DD/Year)

Salutation: (Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name)

First Paragraph:

This paragraph is used to tell the employer from where you came to know about the job opening. It could be a job advertisement, or a reference. If your reason is not matching any of these two, then you may write an unsolicited cover letter. This means it is written to inquire if any position matching to your skills, and experience has any opening or not.

Paragraph 2 & 3:

Paragraph 2 and 3 will form the body paragraphs. Use them to tell the employer how your qualification, skills and experience match with the job. Since this section is essential to convince the employer for providing you with an interview opportunity, use persuasive tone without shedding professionalism. Mention the kind of technical expertise you possess. Include the type of software you have worked on and for what purpose. If you have created, developed and monitored web database system and framework, provide at least one example. Furthermore, what you are capable of doing for the company must go in the body paragraph.

If you are confused about writing the body paragraphs, there are some decent cover letter samples for your profile at BSR. Use them as a reference.

Closing Paragraph:

Let the employer know how interested are you to be associated with the company. Make them realize about the benefits your technical skills can bring to the company. Furthermore, inform when you would be calling to inquire whether you have been short-listed or not. Finally, thank the employer for his or her valuable time.

Closing Salutation:

Since it is a professional letter, the appropriate closing salutation would be 'Sincerely.'

Your Handwritten Signature and typed name:


A cover letter is always sent with a resume, so mention it here.

Whether you are applying for the first time or changing the job, use this database cover letter template.