Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How to Write a Computer Forensics Investigator Cover Letter

As a computer forensics investigator, you have to get into the psyche of the crime doers. You do this on your job regularly to reveal crimes committed electronically. Similarly, when you are writing a cover letter, your mind and thoughts must be channelized towards one goal – securing a berth for an interview. You must wake up your subconscious mind and make it do the something that is unique and real. These tips on writing a computer forensics investigator cover letter will help you use every part of your mind.

Reasons for writing a cover letters:

There are three reasons to write a cover letters. One, that you write it in response to a job advertisement. Second, you are applying as an inquiry for the job opening and to convey your interest for the same. Third, you are seeking an internal promotion. The writing style will depend according to the reason of writing.

We will assume here that you are applying for the job in response to an announcement in a newspaper or official website. If you want to see the how to write an unsolicited and internal vacancy cover letter, you may refer to

Catch the right pitch from the start

A cover letter must be conversational and personalized without compromising on professionalism. The reader should feel that it is written for him only. While reading, your personality should start appearing in his or her mind like it happens when we read a story or a novel. However, you don't have to write a story or copy the style. Just consider yourself in the recruiter's place for a while and imagine what you want to see in a candidate for the job. Run the images or thoughts in your mind and try to know whether you have them. Note down the similarities you found and use it in describing yourself.

The start of the cover letter for an announced vacancy can be in this way:

The job advertisement for a Computer Forensics Investigator position in today's TimesNews has spiked my interests to the summit. Without wasting any time as not to lose this golden opportunity, I am immediately applying for the advertised job position as the skills and experience you mentioned correlates with mine to a greater extent. You will see in my resume that I have contributed in solving numerous computer crimes through my investigative, analytical and computer skills. I can confidently say that you have to look no further once we meet up and discuss the types of electronic crimes and tools to handle them.

Fortify your claims in the body paragraphs

When the starting of the cover letter is so dynamic, you must maintain the tempo throughout. Moreover, the readers will be desperate to know more about your skills. However, just do not reveal everything what you hold. Try to raise the curiosity of the readers about you and leave something for a personal discussion during the interview.

Describe how you enter in the computer forensic field in one sentence and how you developed your skills in another. Further, what you specialize in, and how you solved the most challenging case of your career must together forms the body paragraph. You can also add one more paragraph if the job application remains on one page.

State briefly why they should hire you

Some traits are peculiar to the profession. In the computer forensics occupation, honesty, dedication, perseverance, patience, flexibility, etc. are looked for in candidates. Tell them what you have to succeed in the job in the last paragraph.

Show your confidence by stating your follow-up plan. You can say that you will call at particular date and time to inquire if you have been shortlisted for an interview. Provide your contact number and thank the reader.

Like said above about the possibility of knocking your subconscious mind with these tips for writing a computer forensics cover letter, we hope you earn success in the job search.

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