Friday, April 20, 2012

IT Cover Letter- Best Guidelines For IT Professionals

sample IT cover letter
IT cover letter

 Cover letters are meant to enhance your resume and the job application.

The purpose of writing it is thus simple, to impress the employer with something more than just your credentials. It is always good to know the employee before actually assigning him the job and responsibilities. The letter is informal in nature and it should be written to tell the employer your actual reason for applying in that company.

Importance of a Cover Letter:

Many times we wonder what is a cover letter and is it really needed to be sent with the resume. Cover letters hold a good amount of importance when applying for a job in the hard copy. With soft copies catching up with the trend of getting employment and the recruiters finding it easy to get what they are looking for with the help of 'keywords' and other such technical things, it is difficult to create the essential impact with the hard copies.  

Resume cover letters take up the task of functioning like a savior for such resumes.
The letter is addressed to the employer directly and you have the liberty to mention your reasons of seeking a job with them and at the same time may include your strengths and achievements. But it is important to not make a duplicate copy of your resume in the letter. The letter should be like a preface of a book (resume in this case), which should make the recipient read your job application.

The language used in the letter should be formal and the word count may range from 250 to 400 words. Divide the letter into two to three paragraphs and the format for the letter is just like any other formal letter, viz., it has an introductory paragraph that tells the reader about you, where you got to know about the job opportunity, etc. The body of the letter is about the job opportunity and your suitability to the job profile as well as the organization. Include a line of gratitude at the end of the cover letter.

Contents of Cover Letter:

The content of the IT cover letter will be totally oriented to the job description given by the employer. Highlight your positive opinions about the organization and your strengths too. This may include skills, languages known, being deft with programming, hobby of being updated with the latest developments, etc.

Thus, keeping all these things in mind, make sure you write the letter personalizing it according to the job demands and also your own credentials.

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