Monday, April 16, 2012

Resume Cover Letter

resume cover letter
resume cover letter

Why are they so important???

cover letter

Cover letters are nowadays very much a part of the resume and job application. Wondering what is a cover letter? It is an informal business letter in which you address the employer or the recruiter telling why you are interested in the job profile. It is a tool which candidates can use for creating a sincere impression in the recruiter's eyes.

Out of all the other applicants vying for the same post, it is necessary to stand out and have a personal interaction with them, and to get this chance before you are actually called for the interview, resume cover letter is the way to go.

In a cover letter, you may mention your personal motives of wishing to join the organization and tell the employer how it is going to help you in your career plan. Along with this, it is important to mention how they, as employers, are going to benefit by investing in you.

Project your best of achievements and capabilities in the cover letter and ensure that you give them what they are looking for. Read the job description well before making your resume and drafting the cover letter. It is important to be shown as useful in the letter itself and not wait until you are called for the interview.

Experts advise to make use of the cover letters for evading competition a little. The employer reads many resumes and have to short list accordingly, but when they read a personal letter that expresses the strengths, motivation factors, and commitment towards them, it definitely adds as a big point as far as the sell ability of that candidate is concerned.

Use formal language strictly and proofread the draft well, at least twice. Introduce yourself to the employer, give your background (educational or geographical location wise). Provide reference of where you have seen the advertisement of the vacant positions along with the date (if possible).

The length of the cover letter can be a full page, but in no way should it exceed a page; two to three paragraphs giving all the relevant and sufficient data as mentioned here would be sufficient. Just bear in mind not to recreate the resume in the cover letter. It should be like an introduction statement to your resume, not a replica.

There are sample cover letters for resumes available for different job profiles on the internet. One can easily get access to them and it will help you decide how to draft your own letter.

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